Dare to Disrupt, and Make YOUR Loving Dent in the World Around You

Dreams require constant revision, and yet what is often left out after a few stumbles, is having the courage to act on it.

Steve Jobs said to dent the universe. A few authors have written books about disrupting yourself, and many transformational leaders talk about daring. But what is most important about these three Ds is that they are all verbs.

To take action on something that you haven’t done before is where each can ignite you to a higher and more effective you.

Being daring doesn’t require that you climb the highest peak or bungee jump off a bridge. It does require that you dare to think differently, go somewhere you wouldn’t usually go, or reach your hand out to help someone you wouldn’t ordinarily lend a hand to.

The concept of disruption is almost as if you must shake your own earth. Shake things up for yourself beyond what you’re already doing. You don’t have to disrupt an industry like disrupters such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Lady Gaga or even Jimmy Fallon has. Instead, you must disrupt yourself, your thinking, the way you do things and the risks you take or don’t take.

For my business, the disruption came about through many invasions of my web data (the dreaded hacking). The hacking required me to dump everything and start over. The 15 years of work before was totaled (all articles, thoughts, and rankings) and we had to reset every single thing. We were disrupting ourselves slowly before that but a total overhaul happened in 101 days because of such an outer disruption.

It is said that if your website has been hacked and you don’t have it back up within the first five days there is a 90 percent chance that you’ll quit. The statistics for small business and entrepreneurs quitting is even more staggering.

Walt Whitman says that if you only affect the life of one person, you have made a mark on the world. A movement to dent the universe requires a start with one idea, one action, and one person other than yourself.

You must dare, disrupt, and dent in order to go after your dream.

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