You’re Probably Doing This Chaos Head Thing and Stopping Yourself

The other day I was listening to an entrepreneur who had literally lost billions due to the three things he did.

He was lamenting where he was now and what he’d not been paying attention to and how much pain he was in.

You see, he had one thing he was doing that even he couldn’t see. If you want to know what is it keep reading here….

What this hugely, previously successful, man did to get to billions for his company was something he wasn’t able to repeat.

You see, he was doing the very thing that most of you are likely doing … but in a much grander way.

Is this you?
Because he’d gotten to the billions in worth, several homes, the beautiful outside of life, wife, and kids and then had the crash and burned he saw everything as always broken.

There’s an awesome word for this…it’s called “future tripping.”

It’s when you see where you are; you know where you want to go, you know you’ve done well before but…

Things just aren’t lining up for the results.

The future is NOT your past, and you’re making the gigantic mistake, like this ex-billionaire, of thinking it will be the same tomorrow as it is today.

Only you get to create your tomorrow.

Your tomorrow is what you are doing today to make it epic.

What actions do you need to take to make your tomorrow the one you want rather than the one you’ve been future tripping and creating???

Maybe you need a call (reach out, and we’ll get on one), maybe this blog is enough, maybe you’re in a toxic relationship, and that has to end, maybe your container around money needs the be Unleashed. CLICK HERE

To your epic tomorrow!


PS: Because you found this valuable, it might be time to be a hero to someone in your world who could use a bit of lift up. Thanks for sharing.

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Seeker of truth, rule breaker, results driven coach and teacher. Connected⬇️ | Epic Life Toolkit —

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Seeker of truth, rule breaker, results driven coach and teacher. Connected⬇️ | Epic Life Toolkit —

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